Robin Clare

Robin - New Pic Video 2Robin Clare, internationally acclaimed spiritual author, speaker, consultant and master healer . . . founder and Chief Inspiration Office of Enlightened Professionals and “the Clare-ity Method” is a talented and engaging messenger of heart centered living.

During her 25 year in corporate and non-profit businesses, Robin has had many opportunities to address audiences over a myriad of business topics.  Robin is the co-founder of three spiritual organizations: Enlightened Professionals, whose vision is the advancement of the careers of spiritual and holistic professionals, The ATMA Center, a retreat center where spiritual seekers can engage with other like-minded individuals in a variety of spiritual and holistic pursuits, and Heart of Wisdom, a sacred space dedicated to guiding women (and men) on how to live from their heart.

Robin’s personal journey of self-discovery has focused on allowing her life’s purpose to fully manifest in service to others. In Robin’s private coaching and healing practice – as well as in her public appearances – Robin connects individuals and business leaders to the unlimited wisdom of the universe… which emanates from within. This abundant universal resource is available to each of us to achieve our greatest desires and outcomes. It is really that simple.

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