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messenger summit - intuitive heart - #5Robin Clare, internationally acclaimed spiritual author, speaker, consultant and master healer    . . . founder and Chief Inspiration Office of Enlightened Professionals and “the Clare-ity Method” is a talented and engaging messenger of heart centered living. (Full Bio).   Please call 860-232-3331 or use our contact form below to chat about engaging Robin.

Radiating your Feminine Brilliance – Is it possible to have the personal and professional success that we all dream about? Is it even possible to . . . just be happy? Absolutely, if you find the perfect blend of mind and heart based living. Feminine Brilliance does not only live in our minds. Open up your heart and uncover the brilliance waiting to be revealed from within your deep well of love, compassion and connection.

Tomorrow’s inspired business leaders are bringing their heart-based feminine energies into strategy and planning meetings, because quite frankly, we’ve all seen that the traditional mind-based, masculine energies of logical decision making and “winning at all costs” are not always healthy for humankind or our planet. By connecting to the wisdom of your heart, you can start to think, speak and act in a more grounded, insightful and collaborative – a more feminine – manner.

If you are always looking for an unlimited, abundant and FREE business and personal resources, than you need look no further . . . because this luminous resource already resides within you. Robin Clare, internationally acclaimed spiritual author, speaker, consultant, will show you how to uncover, access and utilize your heart’s wisdom so you can become absolutely brilliant in your life!

Creating Success  – Where am I going with my life? What does success mean to me? Why did I incarnate on this planet at this very moment in time? Let’s ask your most trusted guide, your Soul! Our guest speaker, Robin Clare, Spiritual Consultant is an advanced Akashic Records Reader. Your Akashic Records hold the record of your Soul’s past, present and even future lives. Come and discover how to relax in the knowing that you are divinely guided and working together with your Soul, you can accomplish all that you desire for your life!

Spirit’s Got Your Back! – If you are tired, stressed or the slightest bit frustrated with the way life works, you will gain clarity and peace by knowing that we are divinely guided at all times. In this workshop, you will discover tools you can use to connect to your Spiritual Support Team! During the workshop, we will be using the exercises provided by Yeshua in Robin’s book Messiah Within to discover how to make these important connections. In addition, Robin will share messages from the attendees’ spiritual support teams. Spirit’s Got Your Back! will be a fun and insightful workshop and a time to hang-out with like-minded friends.

The Clare-ity Method – We all feel tremendous stress due to upheavals in our relationships, our work and our world. But how we approach this stress makes all the difference in the world. We can be stressed OUT or we can access the wisdom from with-IN to find the answers we need. The key to thriving and not just surviving in this new world is to work from your inner core. Did you know that your inner core connects you to your family, your community, your work and the world? The Clare-ity Methods provides you with the tools to access the inner wisdom at your core and ultimately, live more peacefully.

Living an Authentic Life – With the quest to be her “authentic self” in all aspects of her life, Robin has manifested a life that allows her to truly say, “what you see is what you get”. She is able to live a life of integrity, connection to her divine self and run a thriving business while managing an active family. Robin is a beacon of light for many in her community and she reflects a presence of calmness that is admired by many. What is her secret? Doing the work she loves and appreciating her life. Simple – yes, Easy – no. Let’s talk about the tools that are available for you and your organization to enjoy your lives.

Becoming a Spiritual Entrepreneur – Everyone thought I was crazy! I was leaving the best job at the best company to do what? Heck if I could explain it at the time, I just knew that I was being spiritually guided to follow my path to my life’s work. Does that sound familiar to you? Where does the courage come from to follow your dreams especially when your idea is slightly ahead of its time? Come and hear the many amusing stories and the synchronistic events that guide Robin today on her path to fulfilling her personal and business missions.

The Secret to 100% Employee Engagement – In conference rooms across the globe, there is a hot business topic – employee engagement. The big discussion is how employers can get their employees to give them 100% effort when the employers have created an environment of fear, lack of trust and one that does not honor the individual worker. How does an employer expect to have a 100% engaged employee when they may be creating an environment that only allows an incomplete employee to come to work? If we make the assumption that a human being is comprised of Mind, Body and Spirit, then how well is your company welcoming spirit into work? Is your company a NO SPIRIT ZONE? Robin Clare is uniquely qualified (25 years corporate, 8 years spiritual entrepreneur) to assist you with viewing the situation from many perspectives and ultimately making decisions that are in the highest and best good for all your shareholders.

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