buzz“I have known Robin for several years. She is deeply committed to her work and helping others. Her experience and understanding of healing is deep and multifaceted. Robin’s work is reflective of one of my favorite quotes is “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World” attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. Working with Robin is an invaluable experience.” Barb Fasulo, Balanced Essence

“I’ve known Robin Clare for a few years, benefiting greatly from her published articles and the programs & events she’s organized, managed and led. No wonder people flock to Robin’s events – Robin gets things done! Robin’s warmth and superb professionalism make her a joy to work with. She’s a super-professional at organizing small and large events, and generous with advice that is specific and very helpful.”  Ann Corcoran, Inner Oomph

“As more and more of us are seeking greater joy and freedom, we will also seek affirmation for how far we’ve come, reinforcement for where we are, and new visions of where we can go. With her latest ventures, Robin can bring us all three. Having demonstrated success as a businesswoman, wife and mother, Robin has also enjoyed success as a student and teacher in the domains of human potential and personal spirituality. She’s challenged herself and others to continually reach for more of what can help us all fulfill our promise of abundance, love, joy and freedom. Along with her established network of like-minded teachers and thought-leaders, Robin can deliver on her promise of bringing value to those of us who believe we can affect positive change from the inside-out. I recommend Robin to anyone who is on, or considering, such a path.”  Mark Petruzzi, DesireEngine.com

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Robin Clare for the past 5 years as a seeker and facilitator of balance, peace, personal and divine truth and transformation. Her new path as a multi-media communicator, facilitator, director and leader allows her to combine her skills and expertise from her corporate days with her calling to aide in the global shift taking place. She has developed her innate ability to synthesize ideas, and communicates to individuals and groups in a way that projects concepts into reality. In this era of rapid change on all levels of human society; social, economic, environmental, political and spiritual, now more than ever we need strong advocates pursuing a vision of oneness. Robin is one such advocate for a connected world where peace, calm, balance, cooperation, spirit and happiness replace fear, divisiveness, destruction, waste and war. The future of humanity and of the earth lies in the vision. Robin is committed to helping bring the vision to reality.”  Wendy Kolanz, fellow visionary in oneness

“Finding Robin Clare and Enlightened Professionals was like finding an oasis in the desert for me. The programs that I have attended have brought me profound new insights and clarity. Robin has the courage, intuitive and business acumen to create gatherings and programs where like-minded people can come together for community and spiritual growth. She pulls together fascinating and knowledgeable presenters and works with them to provide programs that are well-planned, highly organized and deliver what they promise. Personally, I have found Robin to be a warm and friendly person who “knows her stuff”. She is an asset to our community, her clients and anyone who works with her.”  Nan Peckham

“Robin is a very special person. She sees the light with in an individual and has the exceptional ability to bring it out to others. By doing this, Robin has introduced many to new insight and growth they never envisioned before. She also has the special ability as a gatherer. By that I mean she has brought great groups of people together to share and be a unity of growth. I especially appreciate the work that Robin has done helping to promote me and my work. My work has grown and expanded greatly since working with Robin. I want to wish her the very best in any of her future endeavors.” Norton Berkowitz Ph. D.

“You have done an amazing job of bringing the spiritual and Wellness community together in CT. It is like you connected the “underground” movements into a public awareness. I talk about you all the time….and most of the people I mention you to – already know!”Loretta Symons, Center Stone Consulting

“Robin , you have been absolutely incredible to work with. You were a true partner in helping us create not only the Program Book for our conference, but also our marketing, PR, and sponsorship. You even had some great ideas for the conference itself. Your energy, your competence, and your enthusiasm have made you real members of our team, and we are looking forward to working with you in an ongoing way. We really experienced you as professionals with Heart and Spirit. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking to plan an event, who is looking for marketing or advertising support, or who is interested in any of the other services you offer. You truly exemplify the value of “Service,” and you do it with grace, commitment, and respect.” Judi Neal, Ph.D., President and CEO, Association for Spirit at Work, Founder, International Spirit at Work Awards

“Thanks so much for working with me on the event on Sunday. I had a great day and working with you on planning was very easy and stress free. Having you and Ori available that day to do the behind the scenes work allowed me to focus on the customer experience. The Senior Center was a great, easy access location, one I would not have found on my own. I hope we can work together again. Thank you for your professionalism and support.” Priscilla Bengtson, Simply Fitness for the spirit, mind and body

“Robin Clare is the most talented event planner I have worked with in my over 20 year career in human resources. She listens attentively to needs, creatively serves as a thought partner to her clients in shaping a vision, and calmly translates that vision into a flawlessly executed event. Like any masterful artist, Robin manages to make the most complex task appear easy.” Karen Petkis – Vice President, P&C Talent Management and Development, The Hartford Insurance Group

“Robin Clare is very knowledgeable and highly committed to her client’s goals. She brings joy and energy to every project. Her creative mind finds endless opportunities to achieve her client’s mission.” Pat Barry, Ph.D. – President Dowling Resources, Inc

“Robin Clare is the consummate professional – disciplined in her approach – taking into consideration the mission of our business and incorporating it into every facet of the task. Working with a very minimal budget, she was able to not only produce an exciting event, but a profitable one as well.”  Beth Abrahms – Director of Development, Solomon Schechter Day School

“Robin is an organized and insightful event planner – able to provide our vision for an event even when given few details. She has a gift for making the impossible possible and gives her all to each task.” Janice Castle – Human Resources Coordinator, The Hartford Insurance Group

“Robin is a creative and organized event planner, keeping the best interest of her client in mind. She creates an interesting, productive event – accomplishing it in a cost-effective manner. Her communication skills are excellent!” Lisa Cole – President, Inspired Catering

“Robin did a wonderful job in the preparation, marketing and presentation of our event. She listened carefully to the needs, requests and recommendations we made along the way – and was supportive of the process the entire way.” Loretta Symons – Founder, Center Stone Consulting

“Robin has that great ability to address and organize a ton of details, logistics and people. Nothing gets left to chance. She stays on top of those things everyone else forgets to consider. Everything is addressed with a “can do” attitude.”  Allan Polak – Talent Director, The Harford Insurance Group

“Robin is many things to many people, but few of the outstanding qualities that make her a unique contributor to anyone are her virtues of professionalism, business savvy, excellent communicator, focused, mission driven, and personal integrity. She is passionate about wanting to help others, and in that process, change the world for the better. She is also very networked and an accomplished event manager. If you have an event, of any type – large or small, that needs 100% guaranteed success, Robin is the person for you. If you want to network with highly enlightened professional, Robin’s firm is the first place to go in Hartford, CT area. If you need a personal coach for spiritual guidance, Robin can show you how.”  Jatin DeSai, The DeSai Group

“Robin truly embodies the work of Enlightened Professionals: she balances business savvy with personal authenticity and a clear sense of mission. It was a truly pleasure working with her at ICSW and I highly recommend the work she is doing with her organization, Enlightened Professionals.”  Alphesh Bhatt , Board of Directors, International Center for Spirit at Work

“ If you don’t think that spirituality and the workplace go together, you’ve never met Robin Clare. I am currently working for Robin as her virtual assistant. I am continually impressed by her ability to follow her instincts. What is more impressive is that Robin encourages her employees to do the same! Robin is a truly spiritual individual. Once you meet her, your life will never be the same. Robin balances her former business experience with her spirituality which is truly amazing. You can be “enlightened” and still be “professional”. It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Robin Clare.” Kimberly Bobin, Enlightened Professionals

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